Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A revolutionary printer - and I want one!

This is an absolutely revolutionary little printer that can fit right on your desktop, called the Desktop Factory. Okay, so it's way out of the price range of most sane consumers, but the prices will come down as more companies pick up on the technology and begin mass producing them. Remember how expensive laser printers were back in the day? I now have a great little laser on my desk that I paid $50 for.

This printer allows you to create your own 3D objects in plastic. Just about every inventor is going to want to own one of these, and I want one for myself. I'm always working on some project and find that I need some kind of specific part, but am unable to locate one (or it just doesn't exist). Sometimes you just need a really specific piece of plastic to finish the job.

I can think of an perfect example. Just this weekend I needed to buy a new roller for my vacuum cleaner. With this product I could have made a plastic wheel and glued it onto the roller and repaired it myself, OR the manufacturer could have offered a download of the "schematics" of the roller so I could print one out immediately - minus the bristles of course.

This was just too exciting not to write about it.

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