Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Linkfest

13 great fuel efficient cars - Is CNN getting kickbacks from the auto industry? Their 13 fuel efficient cars includes a couple of hybrids and a MINI Cooper. The rest are vans and trucks. No mention of the Yaris, Camry, Suzuki Reno, and many other cars that are actually fuel efficient.
Consumer groups decry debt collection horror stories - Why is it not the collectors burden to prove a debt is owed and correct? What good do signed documents/contracts do if a company can turn around and say you owe any amount of money with nothing more than their word, or some internal document? It is outrageous that our government allows consumers to be scammed in this way.
Reusable grocery bags - Grocery bags for $800. There is a hungry child crying somewhere over this stupidity.
Congress probes delays in enforcing credit reports - More on the house financial services committee meeting.
10 things your bartender won't tell you - My solution? Stick to beer and make the fancy drinks at home. Last time we went out for a drink my wifes martini was so bad we went home and made them ourselves!
Consumer protection laws - Not an article, but a series of links with some basic info, but useful.
12 credit monitoring strategies - One good one I hadn't thought of, staggering your 3 free credit reports throughout the year. Anything really bad should show up on all 3.
Economics of solar power - Great article, plus a link to an online estimator that can tell you if solar power will work for you (and how much it would cost/save).
Debt settlement could cost more than you think - A good read for anyone who may be considering this route. My opinion? Educate yourself about your rights, build good financial management skills, and then all the work on your own.
Internet radio sites to protest in silence - Many of your favorite web radio stations may be going off the air, if only temporarily. I really don't blame them; the music industry is ripping them off.

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