Sunday, December 9, 2007

Unscheduled maintenance account nuked

Today our microwave died. It was a good old microwave and had given its various owners many years of faithful service. Lately however it had begun to act strangely. Last month it inexplicably stopped running. A quick unplug fixed it. Then randomly it would activate its exhaust fan - often in the middle of the night. Then the little lightbulb inside burned out, as well as the little light underneath.

Finally, today at 12:15pm as I attempted to make a bag of popcorn to watch the pilot of season 1 of Heroes (I'd never seen it before) on Netflix, I discovered it was no longer heating anything.

The fan, the light, the random shorts...that I can handle, but a microwave that doesn't heat just isn't acceptable.

Fortunately, I recently started an unscheduled maintenance account. Thus, the $160 microwave was fully covered. However, having just started the fund, the account is now empty...but my wife was certainly happy that we had it! Maybe I'll ask her to use our new microwave to make me some cookies (can it do that?).


Mrs. Micah said...

Microwaved cookies? Not cool..

jim ~ said...

Never nuke cookies. They taste better baked.

zoe said...

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