Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What was Kansas thinking?

In just about every state you visit, you are greeted at the border by a friendly sign (sometimes quite elaborate signs) and a fancy rest stop. For those passing through the state, you have a great selection of restaurants, convenience stores, and sometimes outlet malls to keep you fed and happy along the trip. Everything about the experience screams "welcome!"

Except, I learned, Kansas.

No, it's clear that Kansas wants you to drive through it as quickly as possible and be miserable while you're there. This is the only reason I can see why Kansas would take the only major freeway that goes through it, turn it into a toll road for which you must pay $10 to get through the state, block off every exit with the exception of the tolls, offer no turn-offs or parking areas, and absolutely refuse to let you make any u-turn (missing your precious exit would surely cost you 3 times the toll fees and add about 2 1/2 hours to your trip).

Could it get any worse than driving an hour without a stop or a bathroom? Sure...because of the few "rest stops" that are on this toll we discover that Kansas is apparently sponsored by McDonald's, because other than prepackaged potato chips, McDonald's is the only food available for the entire journey through their state. I'm glad we packed our own lunches.

Avoid Kansas. Obviously they don't want you there anyway.


Mrs. Micah said...

Ick. I really like those welcome stations and periodic rest stops with a variety of (albeit cheap) food. Oh yes and bathrooms!

Jim said...

I've only been to the edge of Kansas. Most of the Midwest states are long runs of road with few stop points available. Maybe next time take the train or fly, and then you don't have to worry about rest stops or places to eat.

JLP said...

The toll road was meant to be a convenience but I can understand your frustration. We take that toll road at least once a year. However, we exit in Wichita so we aren't on it that long.

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