Friday, October 19, 2007

My bank randomly charges me $1, then charges me $2 for asking about it

So today on my online bank statement (for a secondary checking account) appears "FEE" with a series of numbers followed by "$1.00".


So I call them up and, a quick 20 minutes later, ask a customer service rep why I have a $1 fee on my account. Long story short, it would appear they have decided to start charging me an account fee because of a direct deposit that was cut off several months ago. I ask why the fee has suddenly appeared many months later. He can't explain why, but he tells me I am lucky that I avoided paying all those fees in the meantime.

I feel so lucky.

So I ask if he can waive the fee. He can't. So then I ask him if he's going to charge me a $2 fee for calling him on the phone. He is, and he can't waive that either. Why? Because I'm so lucky that I haven't been paying this other fee for so long.

The conversation is simply comical, and keep in mind we're both lighthearted and chuckling through his ordeal. I am laughing because I think the situation is ridiculous, he is probably laughing because he knows I'm a powerless consumer to be toyed with.

I ask to speak to a supervisor, and 5 minutes later I have my $1 fee waived, my $2 fee waived, and my account converted to a different account type to avoid the fee. I guess the supervisor figured $3 was worth keeping a customer.

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Mrs. Micah said...

Definitely worth $3 to keep a customer.

We're having an interesting problem at my building with a tenant who wants us to waive or prorate their late fee, despite what the lease says and that they paid it half a month late. It might be worth it if only they'd give us a good reason like "We were changing around our accounting dept." or "X happened and cut off our cash flow periodically" or anything other than "Can you waive this?"

But in your case it was a sudden fee, not a longstanding possibility and it wasn't for a mistransaction on your part, so you have every right to demand a refund/account switch.