Friday, September 7, 2007

Looking for a fuel sipping hatchback?

We're getting more hatchbacks in the US that are great on gas mileage. Unfortunately, most of them were already being built but still not available here. Take for example the Smart car, which has been wildly popular in Europe and has only recently planned on releasing in the US.

I saw a hatchback in the neighborhood where I work and LOVED it. It's a great looking little car, and it appeared to have a Ford brand on it. Curious, I checked the Ford website. Nothing. Maybe I was wrong?

So I kept seeing this car, and finally I got fed up and ran after it while at a stoplight and caught the brand (the owner likely thought I was psychotic) - yep, it's a Ford. Huh?

Turns out Ford only sells this car outside the US. Our own domestic brand sold us out! Here she is: the 2007 Ka. Here's an English review of the car.

CAR: Ford Ka range
PRICES: £7,095-£9,995 [exc. Streetka] - on the road
INSURANCE GROUPS: 2-6 [exc. Streetka]
CO2 EMISSIONS: 147-189g/km
PERFORMANCE: [1.3] Max Speed 104mph/ 0-60mph 13.7s
FUEL CONSUMPTION: [1.3] (urban) 35.8mpg / (extra urban) 58.8mpg /(combined) 47.9mpg

A bit pricey at $14k US, but hey...I'd buy a used one! Get your act together, US auto makers...bring us some efficient cars! I knew it was a Ford, I knew I wasn't crazy. Sell it in the US, dangit, Ford!

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