Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bill Mauer on cheap goods from China

After about 1:20 this video does get good, so grit your teeth through some of the flopped jokes. Nice commentary, Bill.

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Jim said...

Bill Mauer is an idiot and thinks he has all the solutions to every problem. Blame the government first, not ourselves. Granted there is a problem when so much stuff comes from China, and you get what you pay for. Wal-Mart has become such a huge company because it can buy in bulk and sell at a discount. The smaller stores cannot keep up with their prices and circum to defeat. I wouldn't buy everything from Wal-Mart because sometimes I actually demand quality and am willing to pay more for it. It would be nice to stop outsourcing so much to keep the money pumping back into the country. International trade also needs to balance the tariffs so that we don't put ourselves at a disadvantage importing products from other countries. The guy raises a valid point but getting around his humor makes it hard to find the point.