Sunday, August 5, 2007

Online security questions - ugh

Am I the only one who finds online security questions completely annoying? As near as I can tell, the only purpose of these security questions is so that I can lock myself out of my own account.

First, many of them are case sensitive. So inevitably even if I know the answer, it doesn't recognize it.

Then most of the time the questions are all things that I don't even remember. Mother's middle name? Hmm, how is it spelled? My first cat? I can't remember the name of my first cat! Well, I can remember the name of a cat, was it the first? Or does the first one I remember count as first. Sure, but what if I remember some other cat 2 years from now when I actually need to answer this question again?

Others, like the ones I'm trying to figure out, are so ridiculous that no thief could know the answer. Because there isn't a chance in hell I'd remember it either. What were my wedding colors? My bosses first name at my first job? My spouses nickname (gee, isn't it lucky that everyone in the world only has one nickname for their spouse?). The name of the first foreign country I visited? Um...Nebraska maybe?

I'm trying to fill out these security questions, and I have to answer 3. Yes, 3! But all the questions I don't have a clue what the answers are! I could make something up, but that just means I'll get myself locked out of my account some time in the future.

Please, online people, a user name and password is sufficient. If I forget my password, I'll call you.

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