Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Have $80 million to spare? Buy a sub

No, it's not an expensive sandwich. For only $80 million dollars (a bargain if you ask me) you can have your own luxury 5,000 square foot submarine. Expect your friends to trade in their private yachts for one of these in the near future. If you don't have at least the base model, which starts at $25 million, please don't bother showing your face at the billionaire's country club.

Each sub comes with a custom interior, extravagant viewing windows, and even a carport to park your Bugatti and a minisub that you can take afternoon jaunts in.

Sales information is not known, but there's a good chance this guy has one. Nothing says "living off the backs of stockholders" like buying a submarine with your $200 million severance package after 5 years of doing a mediocre job. If you can't afford it, chances are good that American Home Mortgage will lend you the money.

Torpedoes not included.

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