Friday, August 10, 2007

FNBO locks my account

I received a satisfaction email yesterday from FNBO. I filled it out as being very satisfied with their service. So I found it incredibly funny that the day after I fill out this survey, they send me an email telling me they've locked my account.

Apparently, they want my employment information to comply with the "Patriot Act". I find this amusing, since I bank with 3 other banks and none of them have this.

So, I have to call them up. Why? Because I'm locked out of my online account - I can't even sign in. Why? Because even though I have my user name and password, the online website is requiring me to answer 2 security questions. Security questions are more of a hassle than a benefit. Especially when one of the questions they are asking is "What's your favorite sports team". Hey FNBO, not everyone likes sports. And I don't even remember answering that question.

Do you hate the phone trees that companies have now? Do you hate being on hold? At least when you are on hold with most companies, there is some music, with the occasional reminder that you are on hold. Want to piss off your customers? Put them on hold for 30 minutes while you play a recording over and over again repeating the terms and how to visit and navigate your website until your customer gives up.

Um, can I get that survey again? I need to make a few corrections.

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Beyond the Consumer said...

I just got another email saying to disregard the previous email. I think FNBO is having some growing pains. Seeing as how FNBO CS never had a hold time before, it could be that ALL their customers were calling in at once when they sent out these notices (I read on the net that others received them also), which probably overwhelmed their call center.

The solution may have been an email saying "forget it!"