Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Couples - how do you divide chores?

How do couples split up the household chores? Does she cook and clean while you drink beer? Do you handle all the finances while she just complains about not having any money?

Although we really didn't have a defined chore list when we got married, we had been living together for 2 years prior so we had settled in to assigned chores based on our skill sets and - well - tolerance.

Me: Cooking, household maintenance, vehicle maintenance, finances.

Her: Cleaning dishes, organizing our social schedule, laundry, litterbox.

This is the big category. We have many things that we just like doing together.

Us: Cleaning the house (vacuuming/disinfecting/dusting/etc), lawn/gardening, basically everything else.

How did you come up with your chore arrangement? Are you happy how things are, or do you feel you do more/less than your fair share?


Jim said...

My wife and I don't share household tasks much. I have a tendency to keep up with the regular stuff like laundry and dishes and handling our finances. Garbage and cleaning the litter box every Thursday is a weekly task I handle. She will sometimes help me clean and cook, but it is not consistent. This particular week is frustrating though because I still have to work, and she is waiting for school to begin. Now would be a good opportunity to take care of things around the house, but she insists that I must help her clean the house. So when I get home it's just the same for me as any normal day. Laundry needs folding and putting away, dishes need to be put away, and the like. Is she being too lazy or am I being too nice just taking care of it?

Beyond the Consumer said...

She says you have to help her clean but what does she do if you are doing all the laundry, dishes, garbage, litterbox, and the like?

What does she do consistently? Not saying she's lazy but you make it sound like she isn't doing much of anything! If she's waiting for school to start back up what does she do all day?