Monday, July 2, 2007

Call the CSR in the morning

When is the best time to call customer service? The level of service you receive, and often the options that are available to you, are mostly dependent on the customer service representative that you manage to get on the phone. Get a CSR that just handled a Customer-from-Hell and you may not get very far asking where your refund is that you were promised 2 months ago.

So to increase your odds of getting a happy CSR, one that will go beyond her duty to help you instead of accidentally erasing your payment history, call them early in the morning. My reason for this is:

  • You're most productive. Early in the morning (after your coffee) you are ready to start the day, and you'll be more engaging on the phone, leading to a CSR who is happy to deal with you.
  • The CSR is just getting on shift. They'll be more likely to be pumped up for the day rather than tired of dealing with whiny customers for 6 hours and ready to go home.
  • You'll have had a chance to calm down. Likely if you are calling a CSR, its because of some mistake the company made on your bill (that's why I'm calling them 99% of the time) so after a good nights sleep you'll be calmer and your tone of voice won't be that of an angry customer who just found out his electric company cashed his check but failed to process his payment into the system, added it to the next months bill with a late fee and is now threatening to cut off his power.
  • If the company does any morning pep talks to its crews, you'll likely get a CSR who has just been told repeatedly to be happy, love the customers, and excel.

Any other tips?

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