Thursday, June 7, 2007

When will I get too much mail?

I always get a ton of junkmail. From the day that we bought the house, we had a mailbox full of it. Some of it arrives with "Our Neighbor" or "Occupant", others have our names or some strange spelling of them. Here's what I got in my mail today.

-A 10 page catalog from Radioshack (I guess they lied when they said they don't use the information they gather when you buy a pack of batteries).
-A local newsletter.
-A 47 page Macy's catalog, despite that I've never shopped there in my life.
-A postcard from the post office informing me about flat rate boxes.
-A double sized postcard from a real estate agency.
-A letter from NTB advertising oil changes.
-A booklet from American Funds, one of the funds in my Roth.
-An 11x8 1/2 envelope with an ad from the Disney Movie Store, which I bought a movie from 3 years ago.
-A AAA credit card offer.
-A postcard for a Chase bank college loan.
-My latest Netflix movie, "Maxed Out".
-A newspaper, that's right a newspaper about the size of a regular weekly edition that is exclusively coupons/ads from the city newspaper.
-A 15 page catalog from a tool company, which I actually do business with.
-A 10 page catalog from "Shopwise" filled with ads.

Out of 14 pieces of mail jammed into my little box, only 2 of them was relevant to me. What I'm wondering is, if I had an actual bill, how would they have fit it in there with all that junk? At what point do we say enough is enough?


Anonymous said...

Have you heard of I bought a house a while ago and received too many mails/offers from the previous residents (despite complaining to my local PO, they still kept coming unabated). Greendimes eliminated about 99% of my junk mails within 3 months (still receiving a few mortgage offers, but they're sparse). All in all, well worth my dime/day!

Beyond the Consumer said... looks like a great premise. However I am a bit weary of paying money to a company to stop what I shouldn't be getting in the first place.

From their FAQ, it seems they just contact different solicitation entities and ask them to remove you from their list. As such, there must be some simple process by which we can do this ourselves, and target it more specifically since we know exactly what kind of junkmail we get.

I plan to experiment with this. Thanks for the tip!

Jim said...

I don't believe there is much you can do to stop receiving useless mail. If you have an address to mail something to, they will mail stuff to you. I think it's difficult to avoid advertising whether you request it or not. I have been getting free newspapers in my driveway, but I get my news online. Usually I end up running over these stupid things every day. Calling the company doesn't stop them either. We all need the regular mail to receive bills and statements but things are turning more into an online direction, maybe one day we won't even need the mail anymore.