Monday, June 11, 2007


I saw 'reports' on this product on no less than 5 different news sites. It's an invisible jump rope called JumpSnap. This is the stuff of late night QVC shows, gizmos invented where there really was no need for it. Its right up there with the hundreds of onion choppers, magnetic stimulation belts, and x-ray glasses. This little device will set you back around $60.

It is basically a pair of handles with weights. As the weights spin, the handle counts the revolutions and clicks as each revolution is completed. It's an invisible jump rope. And it's completely pointless.

Jump ropes cost $5-10. You can probably make one out of junk in your garage for free. An invisible jump rope? Put a ROCK in each hand and pretend to jump rope. You have just accomplished what this $60 product does for you.

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