Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Linkfest

In celebration of Father's Day, this Friday's linkfest contains all of the fluffy (or not so fluffy) dads day pieces.

  • Women in business: here's to dads - Here's to dads, an article about how women are struggling in the workforce...wait a minute...
  • Many employees see CEO as father figure - But its a bad thing.
  • Working moms and dads - Not surprisingly, dads wish they could take more time off with kids, but can't or are pressured not to.
  • Make room for mom - What if dad wants to move back in? Taking care of dad isn't a bad thing, but suggesting people refinance their house with expensive remodeling jobs is bad! Also, suggesting dad use his social security income to pay for a remodel on YOUR house seems pretty out of whack to me.

Those were the only articles I could find that weren't directly trying to convince you to buy something.

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