Monday, June 25, 2007

Consumerism at its best

Here's consumerism and overconsumption at its best.

iPhone cravers

Some people are just dying to get their hands on the new iPhone. They are willing to pay hundreds above the already ridiculous retail price to have it, and they are willing to stand in line for days to be the first to have one. Are we going to see a repeat of the Playstation 3 mess?

No doubt there is a team of advertising marketers somewhere working with Apple patting themselves on the back right now, because pushing people to this level of sheer stupidity is an award-winning accomplishment!

Here are some amusing quotes.

I am looking for several people who will wait in line for me to buy the new Apple iPhone on Friday, June 29...You need to be reliable, mature, and patience will definitely be a plus

I don't think this will get many responses. The problem is that anyone who is mature and patient is going to wait until they can walk in and buy an iPhone, not wait 3 days outside a store.

I am charging approximately $150 over the cost of the iPhone

Some people pride themselves in finding good deals, or buying things on sale, others happily pay significantly more.

It seems like the asking price for people to stand in line is 200-300 dollars (however i have seen offers for 150). but I want to make SURE that i get one, and I'm pretty much willing to pay the 200-300 extra for it

Who is going to stand in line for $300 for 3 days? That ends up being $4.16 an hour.

Ok, so here's the deal. I need an iPhone. Like, really need an iPhone. It's so bad, I've taken to carrying around my paper cut-out just to get used to the size

Here's a corporate executives dream come true. He hasn't even used the product yet, but he is completely obsessed over it.

In any case, the iPhone release is going to be really entertaining. I can't wait to hear the first report of someone paying $1,000 for their iPhone and then accidentally dropping it in the toilet a day later.

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jennifer said...

Great article, thanks for sharing it!
(and i so want an iphone ;)