Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cable TV - Gone too far?

Comcast, apparently, has decided its goal should be to have 400 high-definition channels available by the end of this year. I will assume these are replacing the already 200 channels that are not in high-def rather than adding more. Its long term goal is to have 800 high definition channels by 2008.

While I somehow doubt that Comcast will deliver on its promise of 800 HD channels by 2008, it is telling that Comcast feels delivering it would be welcomed by its customers and highly profitable. I can only imagine it would be, with some cable plans running up to $200.

How much is too much? Assuming they have a program guide like they do now, and I checked the programming in each station at a rate of 1 per second, it would take me over 13 minutes just to see what is on!

Services like what Netflix provides makes more sense to me. You can view movies online (which can easily be ported to modern television sets), search the Internet for what you want and watch it instantly. There is no pre-programming, no commercials, no waiting to see what you want to watch.

800 channels. Can you imagine that cable bill?


Jim said...

I have about 200 channels through my satellite service and probably watch 10-20% of them between the two of us. With that said, we're finding it increasingly easier to watch shows now online through the Internet instead of the TV. It is getting to the point where I'm not sure if it's even worth having a TV service (or TV for that matter) anymore. We watch somewhere between 5-10 hours of TV a week which is probably reasonable. I simply cannot figure out what type of programming they're going to fill 400-800 channels with. There are already 2 or 3 MTVs, 4-6 ESPNs, music channels, tons of movie channels, local channels, how many people have time to watch all this crap? I don't, so I think I'll pass and stick with my 200 channel lineup.

Maria said...

I reduced my dishnetwork down to the top 60 versus EVERYTHING PACKAGE because I couldnt POSSIBLY watch all of those channels and justify $85/month.

I dont miss it at all but my Spending Plan is VERY happy.