Tuesday, June 19, 2007

$10 at&t DSL plan

at&t has apparently been forced to offer a DSL Lite plan for $10 a month. It requires a one year contract with a $50 termination fee. My local one offers 768 kps downloads and 128 kps uploads. It's specifically called the "AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet Basic Package". It doesn't let you take advantage of any other deals though, like the 1 month free, and you must be a new Internet customer. They typically charge you $50 for the modem, but will get a rebate slip for the total cost (of course you won't get your rebate check for several months I imagine). However just below it is an offer for new customers for an "Instant Credit", no rebate required. Of course this is all assuming you accept the self installation kit. You must also have existing phone service with them (but of course unless you have decided to do without a landline, you probably never had a choice anyway).

Interestingly, there is also a plan called "High Speed Internet Basic Package" that has the same speed (they have always offered this plan) for $15/mo. The difference is that the $15 one has no contract.

For all their other plans you can actually get no term or sign a 1 year term contract for the same monthly price (they may offer the free month incentive if you sign up with a contract). This plan is ideal for dial-up users who are probably paying around $10 anyway for a slower connection. However, at&t is only required to offer this plan for 2 1/2 years (not sure how that works into having 1 year contracts!), so don't expect it to stick around. Still, over the comparable $15/mo plan that's a total savings of $90.

There are no ads for this new service on their website. To get to it, go to atandt.com residential, and where it says $19.99 Internet click "View All Internet Services" (at some point you may have to enter your zip code so the site knows your area has DSL available), scroll down from the "Featured Services" and click "View All Internet Services" again. Then click "Popular Plans" and it should be there on top. As always, scroll to the bottom and read the "See important details" page.

I would order this over the Internet so you have a paper trail you can print out, rather than calling it in over the phone.

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