Monday, May 21, 2007

Want to win the lottery? Think twice.

Another blog, recently posted a link to a Washington Post article about a lucky Powerball winner. I thought I would pass on this story as well. I read the entire thing through, and I have to say it's completely depressing. It's a long read, so if you don't have the time here's the skinny:

Regular Joe grandpa-cowboy type wins $130 million in cash from the lottery (take-home). Has good intentions, plans to give it all away. Instead? Ends up being a big-headed drunk who frequents strip clubs. Gives unlimited funds to his granddaughter who ends up a drug addict along with her pals, and eventually dies. Wife divorces him. A few of his pals end up horribly damaged after he gives them money. It is just a horrible, horrible story.

You know Hurley from 'Lost'? It's like that...except no smoke monsters.

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