Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still making millions from the Internet

This article from CNN tells the story of an entrepreneur who took the dotcom frenzy to a whole new level. He bought up domains of common words such as wedding.com and launched portal sites on them, generating revenue with pay-per-click ads. There is more to it, but that appears to be the meat of his business.

It's an exciting story that I wanted to share.

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Jim said...

It's an idea that made him money, I guess. To me it seems like mostly passive income that come from the links he puts on these portal sites unless he has actual businesses running off them. It's kind of like having a really unique phone number that can spell out a word or phrase. There was a kid out in the UK that sold pixels off a web page for $1 and made over a million from it. I doubt this will be the last of these types of quick ideas that make tons of money. Who wouldn't want a passive income with very minimal work involved? Some of the most creative ideas are stumbled upon.