Thursday, May 3, 2007

Keep email in perspective

I have always wondered how the people involved in office email scandals managed to get themselves in such harried situations. I suppose the answer is simple: they forgot who owned their computer.

Read the article. Notice anything wrong? The advice they give is to be careful not to make your emails stand out to scrutiny, and they give several suggestions on how to do that. Wording, avoiding certain phrases, timing your email checks regularly...ridiculous! I've got a simple solution that beats all of it.

Use proper business email etiquette!

  • Do not discuss personal issues over email. Remember all email is stored over the company's server, it doesn't just sit in your box and vanish from the world when you delete it. The company owns your computer and the email address. Your emails are public. Keep all emails to business.
  • Always write clearly with proper spelling and grammar. I can't stress this enough, and I cannot tell you how many times I've written to an employee and received "ya, gotcha thx" in return. Huh? Often your emails will sound ridiculous, perhaps even redundant, but your email should contain all the information necessary to understand it even if the reader has not read any prior messages. When people get a lot of emails, its easy to forget what any one email was about. Getting "Okay, meet me at 8" in an email can be frustrating.

Simple, no? Any other etiquette rules that I missed?

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