Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Avoid airline fees

Previously I wrote about some of the new airline fees that are being considered by several airlines. But in this article we see a good summary of some fees that are already in place. I knew about many of them, but some caught me by surprise. A $1 charge for soda? An extra fuel fee? Hey, I thought that was part of the ticket. A $25 booking fee when redeeming a (supposedly) free voucher?

Incredible! And lest you get caught in the mess I was in a few months ago, check out these tips on baggage fees. Continental wanted to charge me $80 for a 55 lb bag. Instead I went out to the street and left my bag with them after taking 5 lbs out and putting it in my backpack. No fee. Later, I returned and found out the overweight fee was $25, not $80.

My advice? Drive.

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