Monday, April 30, 2007

How not to win over customers...

I recently purchased a laser printer from an online retailer, It was a great experience. The price was good, shipping was reasonable and fast, the product was excellent. Then the emails came. Several emails a week. I had 3 different versions of a "customer satisfaction" survey. Every time I unsubscribed from their mailing list I would receive an email to confirm it, then randomly a few days later an email thanking me for asking to be put on their list.

Frequently they would send me emails about new products and specials. I even got one asking me to buy an extended warranty on the printer I purchased, after I had already specifically not purchased it.

Here's a tip to any online retailers: harassing your customers and filling their mailboxes with spam is not the way to retain business. A "we will not sell your email or personal information" policy isn't very helpful if you bombard me with spam yourself. just lost one customer, because believe it or not consumers are looking for a good business relationship, not just the cheapest price.

Need we now create special email addresses to do business with online retailers? Perhaps. Fortunately I do a great deal of business online and never have I seen such a poor site model.

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